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Substation scrap, onsite cedar, antique doors, and a dose of oddity add up to something we like to call the Doorway to Knowledge.

The wayfinding we created for Walden Project celebrates the man and nature theme of the alternative outdoor public high school program. The doorway is at once out of place and integrated with the cedar grove that it announces. It features pressed copper sign panels and includes a time capsule where graduating classes can leave their mark.

An extension of the project established a subtle sign system to identify and interpret installations in the Gordon Sculpture Park which coexists on the Willowell Foundation land. Here again we employed a contrast of human-made and natural materials to reflect the nonprofit’s mission.

Hosting thousands of visitors each year from schools, universities, community groups, summer camps, public events, and workshops, it is important to create an interface with the community that is inviting, clear, and aesthetically pleasing. The work from The Image Farm does just this. People are welcomed onto our property and are able to experience what can happen when the natural world intersects with culture.
Matt Schlein
Founder & Director, Willowell Foundation

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