Sgt. Pepper’s Ghost

Work Samples

These projects illustrate the cross-disciplinary talents of visual artists Matt Heywood and Aaron Grossman, lighting wizard Kyle Rose, industrial designer Shannon Murphy, and certified mad scientist John Cohn PhD. Collaborating as Sgt. Pepper’s Ghost the artistic possibilities are exceptional.

Infinity Cube | By Kyle Rose

Floorish | By John Cohn

Fluffy the Floating Cloud Bank | Team included John Cohn, Aaron Grossman

Babaroosa Pod | Team included John Cohn, Aaron Grossman, Shannon Murphy

Veremin | By John Cohn

Reflection | By Matt Heywood

Fire, Food, Magic Mural | By Matt Heywood

Lanterns | By Matt Heywood

Walden Doorway | By Matt Heywood

Helmets, Turbine | By Shannon Murphy

Mirror Mural | By Aaron Grossman