Mural, Creative direction, Environmental graphic design

The humble red clover was perfect to symbolize a resilient, resourceful, and tight knit community.

Red clover has naturalized so successfully that we see it as belonging to our region despite being native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. It has the incredible ability to fixate nitrogen, which builds healthy soils and creates protein-rich food for wildlife. Red clover is also an important food source for pollinators, especially bumblebees. It is edible, medicinal, and Vermont’s state flower.

The mural spans 140 linear feet opposite the Amtrak MBY platform. The building is owned by County Tire Center and represents how private investment can have an outsized public impact. Our mural transformed a dull metal wall into a joyful expression of the important connections between people and plants.

You’ve got to give back to the community.
Steve Dupoise
Co-owner, County Tire Center & Hybrid EV

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