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Going from high school to college can be challenging for any student. The shift can be extremely difficult for students with learning differences.

A high level of self-awareness and self-advocacy is needed even before first semester begins. Federal law requires that students with learning differences have equal access to education, yet that access can be hard to navigate and offices of accessibility services are often understaffed and overwhelmed by demand. Focus Collegiate fills the gaps to smooth the transition to college at more than 100 institutions in the greater Boston area.

Focus Collegiate approached The Image Farm during startup knowing that the position, message, and look that they needed to project should emanate both professionalism and approachability. We worked closely with them to create a buttoned-up yet friendly brand. Custom typography, trust-inducing color, expressive photography, and coordinated graphic elements encapsulate these values. Our branding, naming, and copywriting have been applied to all of Focus Collegiate’s programming across web, audio and video platforms, conference materials, print media, and countless swag items.

Our branding, website, and materials are all getting raaaavvveee reviews. They have been so durable 🙂 Thanks again for helping with this journey… You have our full faith and trust in whatever you produce.
Grant Leibersberger
Founder & Principal, Focus Collegiate

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