Mural, Creative direction, Environmental graphic design

A glowing campfire under a starry sky represents the original hearth—where learning to cook transformed our bodies, minds, and communities.

American Flatbread Middlebury Hearth is a lively hub for gathering around good food. Local ingredients feature heavily in their wood-fired, earthen oven-baked pizzas. Flatbread’s deep connection to the land and community inspired this large-scale artwork.

The Image Farm’s Matt Heywood hand painted this mural that spans nearly 550 square feet and was installed as part of a restaurant renovation and upgrade project. Staff and a couple of regulars lent a hand in the final push before a grand reopening of the restaurant. 

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome! What was a boring, drab, and dark space has been illuminated by The Image Farm’s vibrant artwork. We often hear our dinner guests marveling at how cool the space looks.

Our employees are no longer hesitant to offer a table on that side of the restaurant. This mural tied the entire place together and gave us the boost we needed!
Danielle Boyce
Owner, American Flatbread Middlebury Hearth

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